My name is Kevin Bichaud, I was born in 1990. I am a graphic designer and illustrator whom graduated in 2014 in Shanghai with a master's degree in Design. I have been studying and working in both China and France, with clients and colleagues from almost all over the world, so I have a pretty strong international experience in branding and graphic design.


The range of my clients goes from automobile (WW group, PSA, RNM, etc.) to cultural institutions (MSMS) or urbanism (Nexity, SFL, etc.) or luxury (Dior, LV, JPG, etc.). The spectrum is pretty large and my experience and methodology allows me to quickly dive into new areas and to bring an efficient visual identity system to life.


I invite you to have a look on my website and to contact me if you want further information, or if you want to receive my PDF portfolios.


Kind regards,